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Planner concepts 

I’ve been planning for a couple of years and this year I’ve stumbled upon a few systems my favorite ways to plan are in order of favorites

1. Bullet journal 

2. Filofax A5 

3. Websters pages personal 

4. Filofax Notebook 

The Bullet journal 

One of the most versatile systems I have ever used most efficient if used the right way. Every blank. Notebook comes with the endless possibility of a beautiful options . You can make it into anything . Any story is how and what you create it with. If I want to use it minimal I can do that to plan create collections draw pics you name it I can make it as beautiful as I want or just minimally either way o love the A5 size for grid leuchtturm 1917 . My flaw is if I have an idea and want to put it in a differ t page I would have to find it and tear it out which I hate doing in a bonded notebook .  So

My Filofax A5 notebook works well for me and my crazy mind I can put random thoughts on different pages pull it out and put it where my hearts content ! Love 

My personal Webster pages plane  is for work. First it looks nice , small, and it’s easy to just fill in tasks and thugs to do when your work life is crazy and have no time to decorate it. 
I’ve been experimenting these concepts out this year and so far for my 2017 planner I think I’m going to go with my Filofax notebook just because I can put and gather my thoughts of pages where I want them when they come up in my brain.

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My First Leuchtturm 1917 notebook

My first DOT GRID Bullet Journal Notebook this is actually my 4th Bullet journal this year. But the functionality of this A5 Bullet Journal is crazy awesome I love the dots on this notebook because it makes me want to right neater and makes me want to doodle prettier.

🙂 Love it

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Bullet Journaling Addiction!

                           So, Yes Im a Planner Freak, I bought an EC Planner Just for this Year, and ended up not using it ( half way through the year). When I had it. I used a few pages. But I ended up with just getting a Graph paper notebook and just started to journal and make pages on my own.! there so much more fun and decorative when you use your imagination.!~ (I mean my stuffs chaotic but  at least I understand 🙂 ).

I just wanted to let everyone here know, first off  thank you for taking the time to read this blog post… Ok too Much Writing now.


IM obsessed with Bullet Journaling! Also known as BUJO.

sO here are a few pages of my Bullet Journal !
I will keep updating so stay tuned!

Bullet Journaling is my favorite Planner, Idea place, journal, my everything Life book Id be so lost without it. it has all my secrets, holds everything i need to do physically and mentally.