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Bujo vs Filofax?

That is the question.

So what I have is  a green A5 Filofax notebook

and a bullet journal from Leuchtturm 1917 I use both.

But… Im having a dillemma I love  both of them. But I have found out a  solution I was looking at instagram to post my #DNDChallenge by @ByDawnNicole and i came across an instagram user named @nicolesjournal  and I looked in her website how to make a discbound journal! and Im LOVING her stuff! ~

I cant wait to try this but I will use my new websters pages  filofax and add it with  dotgrid pages to create my personalized bullet journal… Im so excited.




Hi, Im KoKo, I am... an awesome Unicorn. My favorite animal is a lion. uhm... oh ooh my favorite disney characters are Goofy and Dory. I have Icthyphobia. I am a Cheese holic I love trying new tastes of cheese. Someone of a TV nerd and a bookworm. I love chocolate over strawberries. A peppermint mocha from starbucks. Coffee Addict. Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Seaweed body wash from Lush products, and ooh my New awesome INSTAX 8 Camera. I love taking pictures!

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