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Bujo vs filofax

Ok.. Pretty conflicted by these two methods on how  choose I’ve started  using the bullet journal in February but I like the “look” of the Filofax more. I can’t believe I just bought another planner cover from websters pages…. With grid paper inserts but I’ve been thinking long and hard and since the year is almost over I’ve been trying to find a method that is right for me . I’m trying to go from  a stationary addict to recovering consumer-Holic … Conflicting arguments. When I get my grid paper I’ll post more. 
Pros about bujo. 

Not looseaf so you need to.tear out the page and. Not lose the page 

Con. You have to keep flipping for the right page unless u get it properly indexed and if you want all the things in the same place u would have to tear and tape the pages to keep from relevance. 

Filofax personal 

Pro sophisticated look 

Rich history. Minimal storage 

Reusable cover 

If I’m gonna go for minimalization I better go all out right ? 



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