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My top 20 Collection Lists for my Bullet Journal

Functioning Bullet Journal List.

First of all I love Lists so much,

I wish I could have Compiled the list much sooner on pinterest, after going through countless lists of things I wanted in my Bullet Journal, Got to say the pages are limited and I just want all the collections I need in one place.

  1. Life Goals and Achievements
  2. Self-Care Ideas
  3. Monthly
  4. Dailies
  5. Craft ideas
  6. Movie Night
  7. Tv Shows to watch
  8. Wishlist
  9. Project List
  10. Events and Birthdays in a Spread
  11. The Savings Goals
  12. My Bucket List
  13. My Reading List
  14. Studying ideas
  15. Studying Environment Ideas
  16. Routines
  17. Habit Lists
  18. Dream Log
  19. Things that make me happy
  20. Bullet Journal Hacks




Hi, Im KoKo, I am... an awesome Unicorn. My favorite animal is a lion. uhm... oh ooh my favorite disney characters are Goofy and Dory. I have Icthyphobia. I am a Cheese holic I love trying new tastes of cheese. Someone of a TV nerd and a bookworm. I love chocolate over strawberries. A peppermint mocha from starbucks. Coffee Addict. Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Seaweed body wash from Lush products, and ooh my New awesome INSTAX 8 Camera. I love taking pictures!

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