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Degree Mills

So if you been Attending college for 9 friggin years and then suddenly your school is suddenly gone…. sorry you been going to a degree Mill,

Degree Mills: for profit schools that you can pay for your degree.

Well, I didnt know, but it happened… now I have to go to college all over again… I don’t mind. You never want to stop learning. but I won’t have all the crazy cool college experiences like join a sorority, or pull an all nighter with friends eating loads of junk food or experience the freshman 20.

but alternatively, I can still go to school online and do what i need to do keep my living right?

Ill just keep trying and trying… until I become an anthropology major. AH Anthropology! The study of Culture… It facinates me . I love learning new languages on Dualingo. I love reading other language books. soomthing I love listening to other cultures music.


Ill figure out something 🙂





Hi, Im KoKo, I am... an awesome Unicorn. My favorite animal is a lion. uhm... oh ooh my favorite disney characters are Goofy and Dory. I have Icthyphobia. I am a Cheese holic I love trying new tastes of cheese. Someone of a TV nerd and a bookworm. I love chocolate over strawberries. A peppermint mocha from starbucks. Coffee Addict. Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Seaweed body wash from Lush products, and ooh my New awesome INSTAX 8 Camera. I love taking pictures!

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