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If you want to be rich, do what rich people do.

I gotta Model rich People right?   So It got me thinking 🙂 If I Model what Rich people do. I can potentially get the similar results as them right? Your Thinking! Read More!

I have to say John Assaraf is one of my TOP Knowledge Heroes! Read More on him hit Here~

Thats why I Love to learn and relearn from one of his AMAZING PROGRAMS! That is why I bought Neurogym! and his Really Awesome Book on my Nook! 🙂

in His Blog Post On Time-Wasters 

So Everyone has the same 24/7/365 the same hours, the weeks, years blah blah, But! how do I break up the time when I feel like I don’t Have the time?

Here is how I break it down…
10 mins here and there
10 pages every day ( minimum) so If I read a 70 page book and read just 10 pages every day… then I would theoretically finish the book in a week right?

45 Minutes of working out…

30 Minutes 3xs a day 90 Mins.

25 Minute showeer

2 hour TV Shows Binge ( Terrible Habit)

1 Hour of personal development

Oh yeah did i mention 8 hours of work or sometimes a 12 hour workday? lol


//break// Totally Unrelated// BUT!!!

Here is a SUMMER BOOK LIST :  from #GatesNotes that Im excited For.

Then I thought Wait a Minute! Do I feel a #CHRC happening???

  • Love Esther ❤




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