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Bullet Journaling Addiction!

                           So, Yes Im a Planner Freak, I bought an EC Planner Just for this Year, and ended up not using it ( half way through the year). When I had it. I used a few pages. But I ended up with just getting a Graph paper notebook and just started to journal and make pages on my own.! there so much more fun and decorative when you use your imagination.!~ (I mean my stuffs chaotic but  at least I understand 🙂 ).

I just wanted to let everyone here know, first off  thank you for taking the time to read this blog post… Ok too Much Writing now.


IM obsessed with Bullet Journaling! Also known as BUJO.

sO here are a few pages of my Bullet Journal !
I will keep updating so stay tuned!

Bullet Journaling is my favorite Planner, Idea place, journal, my everything Life book Id be so lost without it. it has all my secrets, holds everything i need to do physically and mentally.



Hi, Im KoKo, I am... an awesome Unicorn. My favorite animal is a lion. uhm... oh ooh my favorite disney characters are Goofy and Dory. I have Icthyphobia. I am a Cheese holic I love trying new tastes of cheese. Someone of a TV nerd and a bookworm. I love chocolate over strawberries. A peppermint mocha from starbucks. Coffee Addict. Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Seaweed body wash from Lush products, and ooh my New awesome INSTAX 8 Camera. I love taking pictures!

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