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Travel Tips

The TOP 10 Items That you MUST have’s when you go to a new country.

This was based on a pin I read on BacktoHerRoots now i made a few modifications but check her stuff out! 🙂

(These are purely suggestions, not saying there the only things you should take but a few things). 🙂

Get a bag ( that is not on your back) I was gonna invent a BOOB pack but… A fanny pack is not recommended. get a messenger style bag that opens up top.

A Collapsible Water bottle. ( you don’t want to get a big bulky waterbottle, why? Water is going to be eer’ywhere, (depending where you go) but it should save you time and not take away trying to have your adventures.

Some Snacks, like a tangerine , (maybe a few) because you never know when you might get hungry while exploring in a new country.

Passport – Well of course… (or else you will be stuck in that country).

Media Peripherals- so what does this mean? Electronics! and of course a tiny battery back up for me it is my iPod touch, ( for all the fun pictures to take), all the music, (if you dont believe in unicorns, being immersed in the culture. My

A Not so heavy  Jacket, that is warm enough.

If your a Paper and pencil lover like me you Must have a Blank notebook. for Ideas and sketches and ideas and stuff. Like important numbers for the hotel, the transiliterations for the Bathroom, food, hotel, etc.  ( I take graph paper but thats just my preference)

Clothes and other toiletries. ( you never know)

Foreign currency.

Number one thing you should take is well… Slippers! Comfortable Ones.




Hi, Im KoKo, I am... an awesome Unicorn. My favorite animal is a lion. uhm... oh ooh my favorite disney characters are Goofy and Dory. I have Icthyphobia. I am a Cheese holic I love trying new tastes of cheese. Someone of a TV nerd and a bookworm. I love chocolate over strawberries. A peppermint mocha from starbucks. Coffee Addict. Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works. Seaweed body wash from Lush products, and ooh my New awesome INSTAX 8 Camera. I love taking pictures!

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