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! I cant wait for this Business Planner! Thank you NICEOps!


I LOVE AMBER McCUE! Im featured this AMAZING 2017 Fresh Start Workbook! Love this! SO Much  Join Plan- a- Thon With me 🙂 This YEAR IS GOING TO BE SUPER FREEKIN AMAZEBALLS !!!!


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Planner concepts 

I’ve been planning for a couple of years and this year I’ve stumbled upon a few systems my favorite ways to plan are in order of favorites

1. Bullet journal 

2. Filofax A5 

3. Websters pages personal 

4. Filofax Notebook 

The Bullet journal 

One of the most versatile systems I have ever used most efficient if used the right way. Every blank. Notebook comes with the endless possibility of a beautiful options . You can make it into anything . Any story is how and what you create it with. If I want to use it minimal I can do that to plan create collections draw pics you name it I can make it as beautiful as I want or just minimally either way o love the A5 size for grid leuchtturm 1917 . My flaw is if I have an idea and want to put it in a differ t page I would have to find it and tear it out which I hate doing in a bonded notebook .  So

My Filofax A5 notebook works well for me and my crazy mind I can put random thoughts on different pages pull it out and put it where my hearts content ! Love 

My personal Webster pages plane  is for work. First it looks nice , small, and it’s easy to just fill in tasks and thugs to do when your work life is crazy and have no time to decorate it. 
I’ve been experimenting these concepts out this year and so far for my 2017 planner I think I’m going to go with my Filofax notebook just because I can put and gather my thoughts of pages where I want them when they come up in my brain.

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Filofax notebook

I think I have my problem solved! This is by far the most convenient system for me yes I love dot grid lines but I can put my papers all in one place even if my ideas do not come at the same time.​

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Bujo vs Filofax?

That is the question.

So what I have is  a green A5 Filofax notebook

and a bullet journal from Leuchtturm 1917 I use both.

But… Im having a dillemma I love  both of them. But I have found out a  solution I was looking at instagram to post my #DNDChallenge by @ByDawnNicole and i came across an instagram user named @nicolesjournal  and I looked in her website how to make a discbound journal! and Im LOVING her stuff! ~

I cant wait to try this but I will use my new websters pages  filofax and add it with  dotgrid pages to create my personalized bullet journal… Im so excited.


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Yaaaay new Moleskine!

I’m so excited to get a new Moleskine . This theme is a Disney Toy Story with little green men plain notebook limited edition ONLY one in the store yaaaay and also some Sakura micron pens yay!!!​​

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Bujo vs filofax

Ok.. Pretty conflicted by these two methods on how  choose I’ve started  using the bullet journal in February but I like the “look” of the Filofax more. I can’t believe I just bought another planner cover from websters pages…. With grid paper inserts but I’ve been thinking long and hard and since the year is almost over I’ve been trying to find a method that is right for me . I’m trying to go from  a stationary addict to recovering consumer-Holic … Conflicting arguments. When I get my grid paper I’ll post more. 
Pros about bujo. 

Not looseaf so you need to.tear out the page and. Not lose the page 

Con. You have to keep flipping for the right page unless u get it properly indexed and if you want all the things in the same place u would have to tear and tape the pages to keep from relevance. 

Filofax personal 

Pro sophisticated look 

Rich history. Minimal storage 

Reusable cover 

If I’m gonna go for minimalization I better go all out right ? 

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Running on empty

There comes a point where life just gets too overwhelming. It makes you feel like your lost in the midst. What you need to do is start reviving yourself by doing things that make you happy . Minimalist ways. You can’t just be drinking three monsters everyday for the last 3 weeks and expect yourself not to be tired or exhausted out of your mind right? So here is my bullet journal layout for the week.